The Maths Department of St. Sylvester Girls’ Secondary School has the following teachers:

1.       Mr. Osoro Justus Obuba ( H.O.D Maths)

2.       Mr. Okello Jeckonia Onguru

3.       Mr. Ogongo Evance

4.       Mrs. Elser Odhiambo

5.       Sr. Christa Omondi

Our main objective since last year 2010 is to demystify mathematics.  We have already harvested some fruits as out of 29 students who sat K.C.S.E 2010, only 2(two ) students who had E.  This is a good start because our main aim prior to the exam was to deal with the I.C.U cases.  


Some of the activities that we have put in place to help us move even higher include: preventing punishment during our teaching rather than punishing, accepting the students who are still performing poorly, we show them love and encourage them to cling on, the maths hour that runs every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (6.50 – 7.30pm), team teaching, encouraging consultations, the active maths club, the CATS that are done regularly in our school and some token to top students.


At the moment we have asked the administration to support us to have a maths room.  This will help maths teachers to have their tools together and assist students who come for consultations.


Our performance in the Siaya County Maths Competition has been improving quiet well and we aim to be at the top sooner than later.


Our major challenge is to make a girls’ school be a powerhouse  in maths in the province and the country at large.  This can only be achieved by scoring at least 50-70% As in K.C.S.E Maths Exam and the least grade being C.  This has been and still seems difficult because girls have many factors that influence  their performance.  However, our team is trying to hawk-eye some of these tips.


We are asking parents and well-wishers to support us have a maths room and parents to pay fees early for their daughters to be in school throughout.  Research has shown that students who are present always perform better.  This is possible because they are able to connect what is learnt everyday.  We hope to overcome these challenges soon if parents will be on our side because the students are already accepting the subject.

Finally, we would like to thank the school thank the school administration more so the principal Sr. Agatha for being available to us, other school managers, teachers, parents students and the community surrounding our schools.  Our father (Jesus Christ)’s blessings are with us all, receive them.


Mr. Justus Osoro Obuba

H.O.D – Maths Department

Dean of Studies



This office was established some years back,when all the teachers  saw the need of strengthening the …

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